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Pakistan is the state where you have to face a lot of problems with the load shedding in summer so, as we know the mobile phone is used a lot in our daily life. The battery of our smartphones dead maximum within 5 to 6 hours on use-mode. On standby mode, it possibly gets OFF within 7 to 8 hours. Sometimes we don’t have access to the charging point, at that time we only charge our phone with the help of a power bank. Samsung power bank

is more durable than any other power banks in Pakistan. It has 10000mah and has a long time interval. It has fast charging capacity with dual port and sleek design. You can charge your device without any worry of excessive current level harm your device. The power bank price in Pakistan ranges from 5 thousand to 1.5 thousand. This helps to deal with the issue of the charging scenario where you go. If a power bank is 100% charged then it may charge your phone 4 to 5 times to fullest. A strong benefit of keeping power bank is that you will not look at the face of others at your workplace like pity people and begging; can you please share your charger with me? So keep a power bank along with you.